NPC Histories

A page for potential NPC histories that can be woven into the world. We may not use all of them - some of them might need tweaking to make things work withhistory changes - and feel free to add new stories, or comment on any ofn the current ones.

The History of the Corwens

The people of the Corwen Camps were the first group of people to head for New Hope en masse. The Corwen Camps were a group of three settlements who had formed a blood alliance. Over the years the three settlements had exchanged brides at regular ceremonies, and had acted together against any strong humanoid incursion into their lands - but they were still but three small settlements barely scraping a living between them. Over the years as various members of the leading families intermarried, a much stronger bond developed, and they almost became seen as one big group under the leadership of the Corwen family. Indeed most of the residents could claim some sort of blood or marriage tie to the Corwen’s – so their settlements became known as the Corwen Camps.

When he heard about developments at New Hope Albern Corwen, The head of the Corwen camps, sent his people out to see what was going on. And after watching the situation for a while, he put the proposition to his people that they should all move to New Hope. After discussion, and a great gathering of all three camps, it was decide to throw their lot in with New hope and move their families there lock, stock and barrel.

Since that day the Corwen Clan have looked after each other, at election times they make sure that one of their number gets a position of some sort - it might be that they stand a candidate for election - or (more likely) it might be that they barter their block vote to get (or hold on to) a legate position.

The History of the O'Barants

Today we think of the O'Barants as one big family clan and indeed many of them are related, but that wasn't always the case. It was only about 70 years ago that the O'Barants were just a collection of small holdings scattered around the Southern Barrens. The holdings all opperated independently from each other and were pretty much self sufficient - but the holdings used to get together for Seasonal Fayres, and to trade theie excess goods. While there were inter-hold marriages, the different holdings stayed very politically separate. Then Albrect vonHoosen of the Old order came to visit. He travelled around the Barrens telling tales of marvelous things that were going on in the city of New Hope. Torin the philosopher had rebuilt the old temple, the mines were reopened and the walls were being rebuilt. A new era was dawning. A era of strength in numbers rather than small groups in the hills and barrens. A new era that was giving New Hope to the world …

At the Spring Fayre the elders decided to investigate, and send a joint delegation from their holdings. The messages back were encouraging enough that at the Summer Fayre, threee of the elders agreed to lead their people onto New Hope, and by the end of the summer most of the people of the Southern Barrens had relocated to New Hope. On that journey the proudly independent people of the Souther Barrens were forced to work together and a new sense of co-operation sprung up between them.

Pangor Grable O'Barant emerged as the leader of the group as they travelled towards New Hope, and he continued that role as spokesman for the group when they arrived in the city. However, they hadn't been there for too long when the Humanoid hordes attacked. Still battlehardened from their time in the Barrens and their epic journey, the O'Barants fought well in the battles, and even though Pangor Grable was lost early in the conflict Faral Marne O'Barant, rose to the challenge and directed the clan forces with distincion. His reward was to be elected Mayor of New Hope during the soon to be held elections.

Faral served well until his death during a hunting accident, when Mastil Corwen was elected to the post of Mayor. However, Faral's son Porrit Marne O'Barant was elected as Alderman, and when Mastil stood down was elected to the post of Mayor. In all all, Porrit served 34 years on the new Hope council and he was strengthened the family position by enginneering the election of his 'neice' Sorria Feanan O'Barant to the role of alderman and appointed his 'nephew' Goral Grable O’Barant to the position of Civil Legate. Eventually though Goral retired and Porrit's son, Ally Marne O'Barant was appointed Civil Legate. Eventually Porrit died in harness and Ally was elected as Mayor. He promptly appointed his cousin Trachen Feanan O’Barant as civil legate - and the pair have ruled this city to this very day.

Instrumental in this success was Ashaeris Grable O'Barant, the son of Goral, who had used the family money to set up a bank in new hope, so now the O'Barants, through Asheris, can influence where private money is invested,, as well as where the city's money is invested.

This paragrapgh needs rewriting. The dates don't match up - Indeed, it was a mixture of city and private money that made it possible for Geroywn Marne O'Barant (Ally's son) to mount an expedition around the islands. Eventually he discovered Glisten Creek, and has been appointed as its governor - perhaps in preparation for taking over as mayor when his father retires.

Over the years the three branches of the O'Barant family have intermarried, and now, perhaps, they really do represent one large clan tied together by blood and marriage bonds. And now, certainly, they represent the strongest family in New Hope by quite a long way.

Glone Hammerhand - Alderman of New Hope

Me? I was born into the Hammerhand clan, but that was way back before the storms. We Hammerhands are renowned for our stone work, we understand stone in a way that even most dwarves don’t. We don’t dig for the ores and the metals - no, they are a side product of producing stone. Some of the very best quality building stone comes out of our mines and quarries, and no one knows how to cut and shape a stone quite like a Hammerhand.

Indeed it was because of that I finished up here. For years my family have held the honour of leading external masonry jobs. Not because we are the best stonemasons, but because we have been trained to handle the business side of the deal. My kin always train as warriors, so that we have the steel backbone and honour required to deal on behalf of the clan - but we also study the techniques of the rogue - so that we understand what tricks the ‘businessmen’ of other nations will play on us.

So I was in charge of the trip out to Lower Karamaland- I had two good masons with me, who were to fit together the pieces for Flanagan’s Arch, and a secretary. All the pieces were pre cut, to a master plan, we just needed to assemble the stones, make sure they were properly locked in place and then chare out the scoring where it crossed between stones. When we had finished, it would have looked like all one piece. Then the damned ship went down. Bloody novice sea captain they sent, didn’t know his maps and stars properly, I wager. He took the stones, the masons and the secretary to the bottom of the sea.

Anyways - I finished up here - must be 40-45 years ago. Been working in the mines - know my way around them as well as anyone. I might not be the best mason in the Hammerhands, but I am still a Hammerhand. I know the stones, and I know where the lodes will be. Now I have a few lads working for me - I tells ‘em where to dig, and we all share the profit. Even after my cut, they reckons they still earn more than when they go out on their own. Then the boys decided that I should run for Militia Master, they rounded up a bit of support from the other miners and suddenly i was master of the Minegate Militia Brigade. And things went on from ther, acouple of years later, I was contacted by the members of the Reading rooms, who suggested I might want to become a candidate for Alderman in the next elections. I went along and chatted to them a few times, and they are a nice bunch. Like they promised they arranged a few extra votes for me and I mcampaigned on my behalf, and suddenly I was elected as an Alderman.

I had to give up the Mitiia Master job of course, although I still work with the lads down the mines on a regular basis. Oh, and I am still a member of the Reading Rooms, I just don't get in there all that frequently.

Scrawny Kid. “Dunno who me dad was and me mam disappeared about 6 months ago. I have been living in this ruin, along with a load of other kids, since then. Some of the farmers drop off food they couldn’t sell, before they head off home and the Inn keep doesn’t mind too much if we scavenge his rubbish heap. He only shouts at us, he doesn’t throw stones like the others. One man helps he fetches a big basket of food down to the ruin every so often, but he makes us tell him what we have seen around town before he lets us have any food. Those kids that don’t know anything don’t get fed (1). The only thing I remember about my mum, is she used to tell me a story about being ship wrecked on an island - and then coming through a magic door to get here. She lived on that island for ages and said I was nearly born there, but that I wouldn’t have liked it much. She said there was a daft Halfling in a smelly robe helped her find the door, and she always said there were more doors, but she didn’t know where to look. But that’s about all I remember really.

(1) He’s almost telling the truth - information or minor pickpocketed/stolen goods before this Fagin character hands out any food.

Possible RP Link. PC gets to have convo first then decide whether to hand over a GP. (Small Good alignment shift for a GP) (Could tie in with an orphanage option. Take the kid to the orphanage – make a lump sum payment to have the kid taken in. Bigger Good Al change)

Farmer - No. I was born here in New Hope. It was my granddad started this farm, new hope was smaller then - not so many people nor so many building cleared. He started off cultivating corn, and we built up the farm from there. He always used to say the corn was a gift from the gods, some girl cleric gave it to him when he was ship wrecked. He always had a sad smile when he spoke about her. Said she couldn’t remember where she came from, all she could remember was waking up on the island. Never did say what her name was. Anyway, since granddad’s day we have added a few more crops and some pigs – and now its as successful a farm as you will find around here.

Boatman. “Been on ships all my life, man and boy. Started out climbing the rigging and doing all the little jobs, finished up as a mate on a fine little whaling ship called the Pequod. Just my luck, I was in the boat, and we had just got a barb into the whale when it started to run. Straight into the Devil’s Storms he went. I went up to cut me rope, when the boat bounced off the top of a wave and threw me face down in the scuppers. That’s when the men all went overboard and swam for the Pequod, and left me there , the slimebuckets. That whale, he dragged me for a bit before I could get me cutlass to the rope, and as soon as I did that the storm sprang up and pushed me on even faster. I remember that first bloody island, tried to build a raft - even that made the storms come. Ain’t nothing natural about those at all, I tell you. Anyway, I got off there in the end - but you know that bit ifn you’ve been there.

Now I run me boat. She’s safe close to the islands, but if you pull too far out the storms still come up again. I make some money with a bit of fishing, or I make trips over to Glisten Creek every so often. Normally only when I get a passenger, like, but even then I take a few barrels of Charlie’s Ale. That always sells well over there.

Possible RP Link - (Boatman, part owns his boat and there is a one off investment opportunity to buy the other half of the boat from the financier. Rules are that Boatman, pays 1/10 of what he makes to his part owner. Approx 1% of the value of the boat every game month. You can sell your part of the boat on (and there will always be an NPC buyer) if required for a slightly lower price than you paid for it. There is a 5% (+0.5% cumulative) chance per month that the boat is wrecked or needs serious repair. If you don’t fix a damaged boat – then it can’t fish and the boatman will enter a new deal with someone else.

Hunter/gatherer/poacher. A bit of a layabout really. Can generally be found outside during the day time, hunting down small game – earns just enough for a few beers each evening, a bed in a shanty and dinner. “I been living here for ages now. Got off that first damned island by the skin of me teeth. Fringo McBlast helped me, now I ain’t seen old Fringo for ages. He said something about looking for more keys - stayed around for a bit then he just moved on. Used to pop back every so oftern to say hello, but that’s about it really. We was on that island for ages before old Fringo worked out the secret - sometimes, while he was away, it was just me an that healer woman, and then we’d go see the hermit bloke. Funny, smelly little man he was.

Anyways, Fringo found the way, but neither of those two would come with us. *Shrugs* That’s their problem. Since then I make a living fetching in little bits of game with this here sling. Learned to use that over there I did. And I normally manage to fetch in a few handfuls of berries and greens too. Not much of living some say, but it suits me …..

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