NPC - Jemester The Halfling (M) (1/2ling)

Name: Jemester the Halfling
Race: Halfling

Current Age: 75

STR:Low | CON:Mid | DEX:high-mid | INT:Mid-High | WIS:Mid | CHA:Mid-High

Marital Status: Single
Job: Owns ‘The pawn Shop’
Class. Bard L12

NOTES: Jemester is an ‘off world’ halfling bard – he is a cheerful happy fellow – always ready with a joke or two. Involved in the Rogues Alliance Jemester will not buy stolen goods (although he may sell them). He will give hints about ‘The Den’ to people who want thim to do something illegal.

**Background: ** Before Jemester was shipwrecked - he was a traveling bard - moving from town to town, performing, running a minor con or two. He quickly realised he needed to change when he hit EotS - so he settled down to work the one town he could find. He does perform occasionally - but mainly he sells things on other peoples behalf (nearly everything is second hand goods).

He also runs the local smuggling operation

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

When he first came over he befriended the local halfling-gypsies and traveled (on their boats0with them for a year or so - he went to all the settlements and was shocked at how small they were. Settled now in new Hope - he is the main contact in the town for the Gypsy-halflings. They have found a way to get their boats into the sewers under his shop, and now supply him with goods directly – and take away any items that might need moving on to a different town.

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