NPC - Kela Capwhiston (M) (Gnome)

Name: Kela Capwhiston
Race: off-lander Gnome

Current Age: 240

Marital Status: Single (after a fashion – see notes)
Job: Master Crafter and University Tutor
Class. Illusionist / rogue - mid levels

NOTES: Kela Capwhiston an off-lander Gnome who is a remarkably skilled whitesmith and lapidarist. He can take raw gold or silver and turn it into the most beautiful rings – and then set then with stones that he has collected, polished and cut himself. As a sideline, he also makes some very effective traps!
Married - BUT his wife lives outside the storms. He hasn’t seen her for years, and he still misses her badly.


Kela come from a clan of city gnomes. Kela's family moved to the city well over 500 years ago. They still have very strong links with their old stronghold and have holdings in the stronghold lands. The Capwhistons dress and sell much of the stones and metals that come out of the holding mines, then send large shipments of goods back home in repayment. Every member of the clan spends some time back at the original holdings learning their trade from the ground up, building bonds and blood ties and searching for a spouse. Some stay behind in the old holdings, some bring their new spouse back to the city … It makes for very strong ties between the Capwhistons of the city and the rest of the holding.

Kela married nearly 200 years ago, to a nice young lass from the hills, and they have lived happily ever after. However Kela needed some very special gems for a commission, and as he had done on a number of times before set off for the port of Rand Grandia, to search trough the gem markets himself. This time he never made it back.

Over time, kela developed into a fine jeweler, he knows how to find stones, but he really excels at cutting and polishing them. He also understands the softer metals – and can craft fine rings, chains and brooches to show off his stones to their best advantage. He is passionate about jewelery. However, he also knows how to strike and mint coins (his clan make all the coins they use in the old holding) and he can make traps. Most of his traps are very delicate and refined things, designed for ladies jewelery boxes etc, and are made from the same metals as is jewelry - However, he also understands the how to scale those traps up to larger scale, and was involved in building many of the traps that protect the clan home back ion the city.

He has been here on these islands for nearly 20 years now, and he still doesn’t know how he is going to get home to his wife.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

I miss my home terribly. My whole family are there, it’s a close home, While we all live independently, my parents live next door and there are relatives living all around the area. On the great holidays the whole family gets together for a feast .. ahh. I miss that.

Norl, my wife will; be mad with worry, not to mention the children(*). And the family will have searched for years, they know I wouldn’t leave them from choice. I WILL work out how to get a message to them one day.

Norl was a Falath before we married, she might even go back to the old holdings to be with her family. We maintained a small set of rooms up there for when we went back. I used to go up there to collect stones and metals once every year or so. Often I would take Norl back with me. And the kids would need the rooms, of course, while they were learning their trade. Ah. Such peace. Nothing but the sound of hammers ringing softly, or the sounds of the country night …. Still enough of that. Back to work

I was asked to be part of the university because of the quality of my work. However, I suspect the fact that I had few other interests had something to do with it as well. No family, no allegiances, no axe to grind. Still it works for me, I can pass some of my knowledge on, my living needs and expenses are taken care of, and I can worry about how to get a message home.

Wife = Norl
Son = Tevin
Daughter = Novn

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