NPC McQuin Family History

Nial McQuin was one of the first people to be dragged into EotS through Kadagan and the storms. Nial was a priest of (Whoever the Celtic God of knowledge is now-a-days). He wasn’t a high up priest - just one of those guys who dedicated his life to learning and knowing. Indeed he had many other skills as well (make him something like Cleric3, Ftr5?) and he travelled the lands finding things out on his personal journey to heaven.

He was middle aged when he was working his passage across the Krounter Sea - the storm struck and he was washed up on the shored of Kadagan. Once there he met up with Carole Newbry, a wealthy woman of no discernable skills, and took her under his wing. (Although she started off by trying to buy his support - before she realised she had no money in EotS)

Once he turned his mind to them, Nial quickly solved the hermit’s problems and managed to transport himself and Carole to New Hope. It really didn’t take him long to work out that something strange was going on - and he settled down to work out as much about it as he could. First he got himself citizenship, then he married Carole and started learning. To support his new family (Carole bore him a son,. Robert, in the year 24) he started a small PT school for children of paying customers. Over time it grew into the Grammar school - almost as we know it today.

Between Carole and Nial they pretty much established the curriculum used in the school (and in the other EotS schools) to match their own interests and knowledge.

Already middle aged when they arrived in EotS Carole died in 40 when Robert was only 16 and Nial died five years later leaving Robert as the soul teacher in the Grammar School at the age of 21.

His customers quickly rallied around and ‘arranged’ for him to be elevated to master status. A number of parents/sons/brothers etc took him on a ‘special quest’ to make sure he met the criteria for master and could keep the school. After all, they wanted somewhere decent to educate their kids, didn’t they.

It wasn’t long (Year 43) before he married a miner’s daughter called Mary Bells, she didn’t work in school, but kept house. She died giving birth to Sally in year 47. (Sally was named after mary’s older sister who had died as a child)

Sally has spent all of her life in the school – she hardly knows anything else - but now (at the age of 21) she is the main teacher. She does all the basic teaching - while Robert does the more advanced stuff.

The one thing that has remained constant, ir a recognition of (celtic Knowledge God) Nial passed his beliefs and training down to Robert, who inturn passed them down to Sally.


Robert McQuin (Cleric L3, ?mage 5?) age 48 – master teacher.
Sally McQuinn (Cleric L3) age 21 - citizen teacher.

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