NPC 'Mad' Mitch Corwen (M)

Name: ‘Mad’ Mitch Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 22
Died: na
Current Age: 46

STR:High | CON:High | DEX:High | INT:low-Mid | WIS:Low | CHA:Low

Marital Status: Single
Job: Patriarch and Adventurer
Class. Ftr L40

NOTES: Generally seen as a bit of a loony – greatly respected but everyone is in awe of him. Never offer him a bet - he will go all out 100% to win – even if it means violence. He always has money.

(I was thinking (a bit) of Lord Flasheart from Black Adder II when I wrote this)

Background: Never the brightest of students, Mitch struggled through school before acquitting excelling in the militia. He became a teamster/guard on the Trade caravan. Over time - branched off to become a great hero - see stories below.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

You name it - he has done it

He has walked into town towing a lion by its tail for a bet

He once ran naked from the Quayside out through town to the Corwen mansion

He has been know to drink 25 pints of ale - roar with laughter and then fall flat on his face – unconscious for 2 days.

He was given patrician status almost by public acclamation. It was about 15 years ago that a dragon decided to make its home close to New Hope – and started snacking on livestock and frightening children. Mad Mitch went to ‘talk’ to it. When ity refused to move on - he challenged it to single combat. The battle lasted for hours (according to those who had snuck up the hill after him) and Mitch returned to town with his ‘fans’ carrying the Dragon’s head on a cart. (see George Corwen for a fan)

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