NPC Paltin Corwen (M) (dead)

Paltin Corwen

Born: -20
Died: 53
Current Age: dead

Marital Status: Single
Job: ex Caravan Master

Class. Rogue L3 Fighter L7

NOTE: His main claim to fame is as the father of Calis Corwen

Paltin was a ‘middling’ member of the family - he was already a citizen and was seen to have potential – and one of his tasks had been to represent Corwen interests on a trade caravan to Garthurian. His indiscretions with Fortuna Longeye on the way home, lead to the birth of a daughter (Calis Corwen) and cost him his chance of real advancement within the family, and he has harboured a bit of a resentment against everyone involved (Fortuna, Calis and family). However, while he bitches about lost chances he didn’t actually do anything about it.

He finally finished up as a caravan master - running a set of Oxon between New Hope and Garthurian on behalf of the Corwen family.

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