NPC Peter Gasgano (M) (1/2 Elf)

Name: Peter Gasgano
Race: Half Elf

Born: Off World
Current Age: About 35

Strength 8
Dexterity 8
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 13
Charisma 12

Marital Status: Single
Job: Teacher at the university (teaches Nature skills, halfling and perhaps cooking)
Status Master (Nature Master)

Class. Under consideration but perhaps Druid L3 / Citizen 7 (although this might require a some stats tweaking)

**NOTES: **


At this point Peter was a Sage built using a homebrew set of rules for AD&D 2.

Peter went on to explore Galinia where he came in contact with the celtic “Wild Hunt”
He experienced a number of other “more normal” adventures

After the Galinia expedition, Peter settled down to be chief herald and archivist to Earl Richard of Galinia. However a couple of years later he set out to visit his old family home in Melmonia, where he witnessed a number of beings materialise who were fighting amongst themselves. In trying to intervene and prevent anymore bloodshed peter was dragged into a strange new world called The Isles.

In The Isles he was involved in a number of adventures. Among the most traumatic was the burning of a library and the killing of a number of librarians etc by a group who had captured him and a walk along the ‘paths of the Dead’ while still alive. Eventually he used the ‘Paths of the Dead’ to return to his home world. (technically he still has a book that opens the paths of the dead to living creatures) He left this game at around about L7

He has now developed an interest in death / supernatural / religious things as well. Through out his life, P{eter has carried a sketch book to draw record plants that he sees, and a box of herbs so that he can create poutices etc.

The Isles uses the Skills and Powers rules - and Peter was re-classed/reworked as a mage to get almost the same skills - However he did not have access to arcane spells. He could wear leather armour and shield and learned to fight with a hand axe (as well as his dagger). He was able to use two druidic spells from the plant sphere. He retained his interests, skills and psionic abilities from the earlier game. He is just on the lawful good side of the neautral line.

Skill set

Priestly Wizard (plant Sphere)
Armoured Wizard
Read Magic

Fungus Recognition
Ride Horse
Ancient History

R/W Norse
R/W Halfling Spk Norse
Spk Gaelic
Spk Spare language
Spk Midani
Spk Halfling

Hand Axe

He also had minor psionic skills of healing and enhanced dexterity when jumping or falling.

I suspect to get similar abilities we will have to base give peter 2 or 3 levels of druid and then a few ‘citizen’ levels to round him out to the right sort of levels and hp.

We can also give hin a non-human language to teach if we need to. Lets give him black clothing (always in semi mourning) and white hair (fright fromm the paths) and an interest in death.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

Me? . I was trying to track down my brother, Estwith, who was last seen heading out this way. The family was badly split during the Great Barbarian uprisings a few years ago, and I have been trying to establish contact between the family members again.

The Uprising? Oh that was in a place called Melmonia, which is half a world away from here.

How did I get here? Well the short answer is via the storms the same way as everyone else.

Ah, you mean how did I get to where I am now? A Master of New Hope? Well it’s a long story. Back in Melmonia I was just a boy on the farm when the uprising happened, OK it was a small estate really and my dad owned it, but I was never going to inherit it or anything like that. I was apprenticed to one of father’s friends, an administrator in Angasa, when the uprising occurred, and then was sent on an expedition along the Galinia coast. All of that culminated in being given the post of Chief Herald and Librarian for Earl Richard of Galinia, which got me elevated to the Title of Squire of Galinia. It didn’t give me any land though, else I might still be there.

From there I finished up in a place called The Isles of Prydien, where I was chased around by a bunch of Blue Gnomes and their henchmen who wanted to impose the worship of a god called Elspida on the world. The way back from The Isles, took me down a road that I hope I never have to travel again. And in some respects, I suppose, sent me on the hunt for my family. Once you really see death, life and kin become important.

Ah yes. It was along “The Paths of the Dead”. I had travelled them once before, but that was a short trip with companions - the trip home took longer and was alone. You wouldn’t believe some of the things I met on the way home – and most of them trying to take my life for their own. Some of them were awful, I ran into the ‘Wild Hunt’ in Galinia – an insubstantial huntsman and hounds, evoked by powerful religious rituals that summon the taker of the dead, and compared to the things on the ‘Paths’, the huntsman was like a child’s pet.

Could I leave these islands by the same route? Yes, probably. But not before I have tried every other way out of here. I won’t go along those paths again, until I absolutely have to.

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