NPC - Peter Umberta (M)

Character details

older / middle aged (although still very fit and active)

Class: Mage (Level:medium-high) /Ranger (Level:5)

Status: Patrician (Ex Alderman)

Life Story of Peter Umberta

Peter Umberta was born in a small settlement back in the wilds, and was indentured to a travelling hedge mage (as his assistant/apprentice) at the age of 12, to pay off a family debt. He travelled, cleaned cooked and leaned the basics of magic from the mage during their 8 years together. Then when Peter was about 20 the mage made a mistake, lost his life in a failed negotiation with a bunch of Humanoids and Peter was left alone in the world. He continued the Hedge mages rounds for a couple of years, but finally grew bored of that and decided to make his way to New Hope.

He initially made his living in New Hope selling the same minor magical effects and spells that had earned him a living on the road, however this time the customers came to him rather than him having to travel to them. Soon he settled in, and before long he had achieved citizen status, had rooms of his own and ran a small business from a market stall.

With the leisure to research properly, his magical abilities improved and the quality of the items and effects he could create increased enough to bring him to the attention of those in authority. Recognising his potential, they quickly promoted him to master status and let him have a shop of his own to run - which he developed into 'Thaumatourgos', the arcane store.

During his term in office as an Alderman, Peter found it difficult to run the store at the same time - so he took on a partner, in the shape of Fortuna Longeye, an Elven mage who had arrived in new Hope via Kargadan. Gradually it became clear that Fortuna was actually a more powerful mage than peter, and that she had very similar views on a lot of things as peter, and over time they slipped into a comfortable relationship of being good friends and occasional lovers. And they had a single child together, a daughter called Elriewien Longeye.

Slowly Fortuna took over the store, she was already a skilled crafts master (Insert a suitable craft or two in here when the crafts are sorted out) and was quickly promoted to the status of master in her own right. Eventually the magic store passed almost completely to her. However, now she is semi retired and her daughter Elriewien runs the store on a day to day basis. Peter still has a long term ‘comfortable’ relationship with Fortuna, stills sells items through the Arcane Store and sees his daughter on a regular basis.

Peter himself though is now partially retired. He makes magical items for the store to sell, he researches spells, he runs the Reading Room, and he keeps an eye on politics. There are rumours that he is trying to put together another new business venture, however, that rumour has been around for a while and he always declines to talk about it.

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