NPC Pishnak Bucktooth (M) (1/2 orc)

Name: Pishnak Bucktooth
Race: half orc

Current Age: 28

STR: high-mid | CON: High | DEX: mid | INT:Low | WIS:Low-Mid | CHA:Mid-low

Marital Status: Single
Job: Black-market trader
Class. Rogue 6, fighter 7

NOTES: - Muscle for his ‘brother’ Delingus Bucktooth’s operation. Not bright - but strong. Feels the need to ‘Look after’ his brother – hates insults to his mother

Background Pishnak is an ‘off worlder’ who arrived in new hope 7-8 years ago. His brother didn’t like the set up and won’t swear the citizens oath and has become and ‘invisible person’ (doesn’t appear on any lists/records/archives etc Lives in the sewers selling all sorts of interesting stuff to anyone who comes along. Pishnak – goes along with the decision his brother made. He knows his place in the family is brawn not thinking.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

“Yerr. Delingus got me off that island - he worked out what we needed to do and we did it together. I killed lots of stuff when he told me to”

“Mum? Mind yerr own business” *Shakes fist*

“Call me that again and I will punch you so hard you will have to stick your toothbrush up your ass to clean your teeth!”

“He’s my bruvva. Sometimes he thimks to much, and some times he tries to be too clever. Then I take the problem outside and beat it until it goes away”

“lets see what Delingus has to say.”

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