NPC Querub Corwen (M)

Name: Querub Corwen
Race: Human

Born: 14
Died: na
Current Age: 54

STR:High-Mid | CON:Mid | DEX:High-mid | INT:low-Mid | WIS:Mid | CHA:low-Mid

Marital Status: Married
Job: Harbour Master
Class. Ftr L4 Rogue L4

NOTES: A fairly uninspired man – Happy – limited ambition – happy to be in port – doesn’t look too hard - not too bright (But not stupid either). Been Harbour Master for 14 years

Background: Never the brightest of students, Querub struggled through school before a quitting himself well in the militia. He became a fisherman/sailor - and stuck at it enough to get prompted to Ships Master. Eventually, he became Harbour master.

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

Nothing too exceptional as a child – then went on to become an very solid fisherman / sailor.

He was promoted to Ship’s Master (and eventually Master status) when his captain was washed overboard one night while drunk. Querub promptly decided never to drink again – and to this day has been teetotal.

Married one of the Girls working in fish processing - and then jumped at the opportunity to become harbour master, when it was offered 14 years ago.

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