NPC Sir Daeli (Old Order)

Name: Sir Daeli
Race: Old Order

Born: na
Died: na
Current Age: over 1000 years old

STR:High | CON: High | DEX: High -mid | INT:Mid | WIS:Mid | CHA:Mid

Marital Status: Single
Job: Old Order Knight
Class. Fighter 30 – Ranger 10

NOTES: The ‘easiest’ old order knight to talk to. Generally assigned to the ‘gate room’ and and is the ‘spokesman’


Like all the Old order – Sir Daeli was a soldier in the armies of ‘Golden Hope’ who survived the great war and continued to fight the Dark Wanderers as a servant of the ancients and was blessed with exceedingly long life (as a gift from the ancients).

He was the third (and youngest son) of a Chivalrous (knightly) family - and went into the army to try and claim a knighthood for himself. Ironically, he did ….

Personal history, stories and anecdotes

On his youth …. “Ahh, I remember the old days. Some of the buildings were really beautiful. Now they are practical, but perhaps they can be beautiful again one day.” (and that’s all he will say on the matter of when he was young. He will just shake his head sadly and say – that’s all in the past)

On Battle.. ”Oh, I was at Gremm Sward Pass, that was probably the worst battle I ever fought in. That was years ago though, Lord Alfek had us all running, hiding and then just popping up to take a few of the enemy. Not really an honourable way to fight - but it did the job “ (again about all he will say on war)

On why is he here/ why are you here? ”Well someone has to stay home and keep the gate safe. And that job fell to me and Dyggyr. Aldin and Leitin are assigned to patrol the hills around - just in case.

The gate? ”Well. Its just a gate. Not much I can tell you about it really. You will need to … Link to first part of quest

Who are the Old Order? ”Oh we are just here to look after things, keep things ticking over.”

If he is pushed on the Old order .. ”Really - you will have to see Lord Fadir or Lord Kross about that

Pushed on Lord Fadir ”Oh Fadir is the supreme commander - he’s at head quarters, but Kross should be over at City hall ….”

Kross is an imbecile, I need to talk to Lord Fadir - tell me how to get there. Well. If you don’t know, I can’t tell you. However, it’s a long complex trip (nod towards the gate) – and you need to start off with (link to first quest)

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