This history has been modified and the current over view timeline is at time-line however this original is retained as there are details still to be included in the final timeline

  • -1000 years: Beginning of historical record. A time of peace and co-existence among the inhabitants of the lands. Gnomes of Syn Gond, and Dwarves of Garbilgathol, Elves of Garthurian , and Order of Mystic Knights from New Hope(needs an ancient name), and even the nomadic Halflings enjoy a Golden Age.
  • -550 years: Delrean, an illusionist of great power strays from the ways of the Wood Elves and is excoriated from the traditional Elven clans. He forms a secretive cult, now underground, in the northern lands beneath the Great Lake. He and his followers become the Drow faction of elves in this part of the world.
  • -500 years: The Great War - War breaks out between the followers of Delrean and the Wood Elves. The struggle between these two factions erupts across the lands and soon a state of war envelops the lands to include Orcs, Lizardkind, the Old Order Knights, Dwarves, Gnomes , and Halflings. Delrean is badly outnumbered and suffers a life in the underdark.
  • -300 years: The "Ancients", a race of shapeshifting- artificers, arrive on the mainland from the outer planes via portals to lay claim to these war-ravaged lands. Upon arrival, the Ancients do not have a standing army of their own kind, but have an army of constructs which they use to forge their own place among the continental battleground.
  • -215 years: This is when the wanderers find the islands( a group of powerful adventurers
  1. Tyrzak Malgovrian - Human/Male/Construct/Mage - Obsessed with absolute freedom, sought to become a construct in order to free himself from the desires of a mortal existence. Cold, calculating, commanding personality. leader of the Wanderers.
  2. Shonet Grimhammer - Dwarven/Female/Fighter - Artisan who delighted in the twisted, deformed and horrific. Believed the dark visions were the true reality and sought to warp her people into grotesqueries. Was banished by her kin. May have helped them degenerate during the time of the isolation. Temperamental, easily enraged.
  3. Ushrika Agrukt - 1/2Orcan/Female/Priest/Outsiderkin - Devourer of Souls, liked to consume the bodies and souls of victims. A fairly blunt personailty with little subtlety.
  4. Drad Elndra - Dark Elven/Male/Rogue/ShadowDancer - Practically the stuff of shadows himself, he was reknown for his joy in the slow, excrutiating kill. Developed death dealing into an exquisite art form. Tutor for Ushrika. Subtle and charismatic character.
  5. The Beast(Should have another name/form at this point in history. Most likely a Druid of considerable, yet twisted, power.)
  • -205 years: In a lovecraftian moment , Tyrzak manages to manipulate the magical energies of the army of constructs. Through this manipulation, Tyrzak turns the constructs against their shapeshifting masters. Without the safety of an army the Ancients are slaughtered. Those that remain are scattered throughout the lands. Meanwhile Tyrzak and his followers are able to acquire some control over the ancient portals along with the construct armies. Through these portals come legions of outsiders all wanting to follow Tyrzak.
  • -201 years: Ushrika manages to consolidate the factions of Orcs and Undead into a single devastating army now aligned to Tyrzak’s constructs and Outsider army.
  • -200 years: The combined armies of Tyrzak and Ushrika prove too much even for an alliance of Humans and Demi-Humans. The Elves and Humans are utterly crushed, leaving only stray members of the Old Order Knights and the surviving Elves scattered and disorganized. New Hope is decimated and Garthurian left in ruin. The Dwarves and Gnomes retreat to their subterranean realms where they discover their own new horrors. Between Shonet’s corruption of the Dwarven spirit and Drad’s employment of the now leaderless UnderDark Shadowrealms, the Dwarves and Gnomes, despite being solid allies, are unable to make any headway. Halflings, traditional gypsy-types, find themselves without larger societies to intermingle with- they make themselves scarce.
  • -175 years:- The Ancients, aware of the nomadic traditions of the Halflings, decide to disguise themselves in as such in the hopes of going unnoticed. In the meantime the Constructs are involved in an ongoing campaign to eradicate their former masters.
  • -155 years:The Dwarves of Garbilgathol erect "The Horn of Silver" or Zirakinbar on the surface above their city to prevent another two front war from occurring. The Gnomes in Syn Gond hide the surface entrance to their city with the same intentions.
  • -100 years*The Ancients are scattered, but they still hold the secrets to the portals. In a masterstroke, the Ancients are able to isolate the continent from the outside world. Tyrzak realizes that the key to expanding his power beyond the mainland is to gain mastery of the portals.
  • -30years: With the Dark Wanderers now fully enthralled with the secrets to the ancient portals the lands are overrun by Orcs, Lizardkind, Undead and other foul creatures. As is in their nature, these beings being to fight among themselves. Ushrika maintains control of the Undead legions, but the Orcs, Lizardkind and the others break off on their own ambitions.
  • -25 years:The Ancients, knowing they must build an army in the hope to stop Tyrzak’s inevitable mastery of their portals contrive a plan to raise one. Setting up on one of the smaller islands(Kargadan), they create a series of ongoing storms that surround the island. These storms are specifically designed to force people from the outside to wreak on the island. One the island the Ancients create several dungeons designed to hone particular skills to introduce the shipwrecked to the enemy - The Wanderes. The island is constructed to be a "forge" for their new army. Those who succeed are sent to New Hope where they begin the second stage of their fate.
  • -23 years:Once the Old Order Knights discover that new people are arriving in New Hope again, they approach the city limits. After some soul-searching, they offer themselves as protectors and lorekeepers never admitting that this fallen city was once one their forefathers called home.
  • Present Day:The Players shipwreck on Kargadan

Map of the Islands


Player Character Progression

  • Kargadan (Starting Island) - PC Levels 1 -3
  • New Hope & Garthurian - PC Levels 3-6
  • Glistencreek Vale / Syn Gond - PC Levels 6-9
  • Lothran & Gabilgathol - PC Levels 9-12
  • Level 12+ - This is when the PC must take on a name for themselves. Finding a place to call home(one of the main settlements). At this point the PCs should also have a good grasp on the world around them and the conflict(s) that they have been thrown into the middle of. They would, at this point, have a basic understanding of the portal system and realize that it's uses are not limited to their current knowledge. Note:These portals could eventually lead to other islands, dimensions, perhaps the "ancients" homeworld? Also the PC will find themselves traveling back and forth for possible adventures.(ie. In New Hope an ancient tunell may be discovered that will become a quest for level 12+ PCs). If we plan to take this to epic levels(beyond level20) we should concentrate on overloading the main island in the chain for level 12-20+ adventures and let the unknown islands remain that way until epic levels are achieved.

Random Thoughts

If we use a multiple server setup I believe that the Kargadan(currently 83MBs and shouldn't be getting much bigger)and the New Hope/Garthurian islands could possibly be one server. Glistencreek Vale Island a second. Gabilgathol/Lothran Island a third. This is, assuming we keep module sizes down to allow for good performance.

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