PLACE - The Reading Room

The Reading Room

The reading rooms are very exclusive, the door won't even appear for you unless you are a member - but once it does you are free to enter when ever you like.

Membership is by invitation only, and even then, only senior members are allowed to invite new members to join. (PCs will NEVER be senior enough to invite other PCs to join) To get an invitation you have to do a favour for one of the senior members. Favours are generally quests that 'senior Members' have available. For Example - Master Robert (from the Grammar School) is a member - and if a PC helps his daughter Sally achieve Master status he will invite the PC to join the reading rooms.

The rule is that once a member has invited someone to join - they have to accept (more or less) straight away - although they may have a few days to raise the money for the membership fee ( which is high- maybe ?2/3000 GP?)

Other current members could include Glone Hammerhand (Alderman), a couple of Militia Masters, various store keepers a couple of senior fishermen/traders, 2 or 3 professors from the university and some of the civil servants. We could put together 'personal' quests for some or all of them. However there are a few citizen members who have done favours for the senior members as well.

The group will try to help other members advance themselves - for example members are expected to support other members who stand for office (and often deals are struck as to who will stand for election). The 'club' will occasionally lend money to members (maybe up to 2000 gp once per 5 levels?) however it needs to be paid back.

Building Notes

The reading room is inside a building somewhere, with a secret door that leads into it. Members of the society will automatically spot the secret door and will be able to use it. Non-members will not even be able to see the door (unless they have a very high spot) and will never be able to open it (short of a dispel magic at really high levels).

Inside is a single room with a number of tables and chairs suitable for quiet conversation, there are also book cases with a number of different books in. The room is well appointed with carpets, nice tables and comfortable chairs - pictures on the walls, and 'tasteful' floor decorations like urns and sophisticated potted plants. Over in the corner is a small bar and a servant will bring light meals, drinks etc to who ever wants them (for a price)

position - Under the Grammar School in new Hope?

RP Notes

So what are the advantages of membership?

It is a (not quite) secret society - and its always good to belong to those :P
PCs will rub shoulders socially with the Top end of the Middle class and the bottom end of the Upper class of society
Information - we can always have member NPCs tell other members of the 'club' a little bit more information.
Looked after - we can always have member NPCs sell things at a 2% discount to other members of the 'club' .
Special quests - one or two personal and sensitive quests might only be available to members
Special Information - we can use many of the standard books, but we can bury a couple of our own books that contain clues towards quests / adventures - and even clues towards solving quests that can be got from external sources - there might even be a recipe for a special potion hidden among the pages as a riddle. There might even be a clue or two towards solving the riddle of the ancients.

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