PLACE - The Den

Located somewhere in the sewers The Den is an ‘underground bar’ - You can drink, gamble, or meet a prostitute. Once you are ‘known’ you can also buy illegal drinks, drugs or poisons under the counter.

Building Notes
A simplistic basic set of rooms. One largish room with a bar in one corner and a gambling table in the other corner. – A small room for a prostitute and another small room (or maybe two) as rooms for the Bucktooths who run the place.


Delingus Bucktooth – A black market trader. Sorcerer and Rogue. Human male, middle-aged. – sells drugs, potshine and thieves tools – however his sell price is high. He will also buy any stolen goods - BUT his buy price is low (for any goods)
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

Pishnak Bucktooth – Half-Orc male of middle age. Half-brother to Delingus, and his bodyguard.
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

Judy ?MAYBE? – Older (30ish) female prostitute with an unusual look about her( like a succubus)
{taken from the NPC list – outside@night list}

Role Play Notes

Strong booze – there is a tradition of moonshine, poteen an all sorts of other home brewed spirits around the world. We could have Potshine - a traditional recipe for a spirit that is reputed to be strong enough to ‘clean the pots’ …. (That’s easy to do - just a customised spirits bottle – perhaps made stronger than normal. COURIER QUEST: It could be that the potshine is made outside the city and there is a ‘quest’ to go collect a few bottles and act as a courier to return it.

Drugs – there are a set of drugs for NWN1 – that seem to work well. I am sure they will work OK in NWN2 – even if they haven’t been converted. We could use one or two from that selection to sell in our ‘Den’. (the drugs have addictive properties - big bonuses when you are high - negative stats when you come down / need a fix) – COURIER QUEST: the drugs are imported by the Halfling/gypsies - dropped in a stash outside town (after all they don’t want to be searched when they come into town) – again PCs have to go and collect the stuff.

The hooker - is just a normal conversation controlled girl - we can always let her take some money and then have a 30 second ‘Black Screen’, for the client. Although we could put a ‘prostitute’ type quest along side that if we chose to.

The gambler - there are a number of card player scripts out there that should be fairly easy to implement - we could even put a ‘fruit/slot machine in that area as well.

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