Reading Room - Membership

To be invited to membership you must have some influence in society - it might be that you are a famous (higher level) adventurer, or you might be a master Craftsman of some type, or even a master with in the administration. Or perhaps you are ‘known’ to one of the senior members and have ‘potential’ either way you may get an invite.

However, you will also need to be acquainted with at least one of the senior members, because if your behaviour isn’t suitable for reading room membership - you won’t be invited. It’s as simple as that. None of the current members want to mix with people who will start fights at the club, or people will drink too much and make a fool of themselves. Or even people who are too strident in their opinions. The Reading rooms are primarily a place to relax and chat - not to have arguments.

And last – you must have positive views of your own. No members of the O’Barants or Corwens are members they have their own power structures (although there cound be one or two members who talk regularly with members of those families). Nor are there any members who wish ill to the city, or who want to start a revolution. It doesn’t matter if your views of how the city can succeed are different from everyone else’s - just so long as they are positive and you are prepared to put them forward in a civilised and considerate way.

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