Social system table (New Hope)
Resident Citizen Master Patrician
Accommodation Can rent a bed in ‘Public houses’ such as ‘The Bog’Lockbox for 5 items50gp/month? Shared accommodation. Single fixed design room. Can rent self contained rooms in houses or rock dwellings. Chest for 15 items 150gp/month. More rooms – uses Sin’s furniture to allow personalisation? Can rent apartments in houses or rock dwellings.2x chest for 15 itemsFrom 350 gp/month Can lease land for development and can sub let housing.Varies but expensive. PC designed - flexible.
Mining Tax Mine licence = 10gp/day Mine licence = 9gp/day Mine licence = 8gp/day Mine licence = 7gp/day
Market Tax Market licence = 10gp/day Market licence = 9gp/day Market licence = 8gp/day Market licence = 7gp/day
Harbour Tax Quay licence = 10gp/day Quay licence = 9gp/day Quay licence = 8gp/day Quay licence = 7gp/day
Farm Tax Allotment = 10gp/week Allotment = 9gp/week Allotment = 8gp/week Allotment = 7gp/week
Craft Tax Crafting licence = 10gp/day Crafting licence = 9gp/day Crafting licence = 8gp/day Crafting licence = 7gp/day
Elections No Vote Vote in the Citizens College Vote in the Citizens College and Masters College Vote in the Citizens College, Masters College and Patrician’s College
Responsibilities Obey the law Take a part in defending New Hope Take a lead in defending New Hope Lead defence and development of New Hope
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