We will use this page to flesh out the various store inventories in New Hope before the actual merchant stores are made. We can always adjust at a later time once we have them up but I would rather talk it through before creating them.

  • Smithy

Mark Down = ??
Mark up = ??

Armor- Banded Mail - Breatplate - Chain Boots - Chain Gloves - Chain Shirt - Chain Mail - Full Plate - Half Plate - Heavy Shield - Light Shield - Horse Hair Helmet - Paladin Helmet - Plate Boots - Scale Boots - Scale Gloves - Scale Mail - Spike Helmet - Tower Shield

Weapons - Arrow(99) - Bastard Sword - Battle Axe - Bolt(99) - Bullet (99) - Club - Dagger - Dart(50) - Swarven Waraxe - Falchion - Great Axe - Great Sword - Halberd - Kama - Katana - Kukri - Light Hammer - Longsword - Mace - Morning Star - Quarterstaff - Rapier - Scimitar - Scythe - Short Sword - Shuriken(50) - Sickle - Spear - Throwing Axe - Warhammer

  • Arcane Shop

Mark Down = ??
Mark Up = ??

Scrolls - All spells, all classes lvl1-6?

Potions - Bear's Endurance - Bull's Strength - Cat's Grace - Cure Light Wounds - Cure Moderate Wounds - Eagle's Splender - Fox's Cunning -Invisibility - Lore - Owl's Wisdom

Misc Magical - ??

  • General Store

Primarily Sells imported items from the other islands
gems and jewellery from the Gnomes, a few special items of armour and weapons from the Dwarves, paper and cotton from the elves, glassware from Glisten Creek, Fresh food from Lothran etc ….
Mark Down - ??
Mark Up - ??

  • Pawn Shop

maybe we could (in the fullness of time) develop the pawn shop as a semi-indoor market? Put a couple of placeable 'cabinets' in there that PCs can rent to run their own shop from. the proprieter of the Pawn Shop, acts as their agent/middle man. That means that crafters (etc) can have a personal sales outlet - without having to spam the server with shouts.
Mark Down - ??
Mark Up - ??

  • Marketplace(Outdoor)

Sell locally produced goods
Game meat, fish, fruit and berries, small hand carved items, hats and cloaks made from Shinsowe (or some other local fibre) leather ware (Home made belts, boots, soft leather shirts etc.) Minor Weapons (Slings, clubs, quarterstaves, sling stones)
Mark Down - ??
Mark Up - ??

  • The Bog

NPC Rooms - use a 'Karstairs Club' Equivalent. PCs pay an annual fee and get access to a common area with beds in - where they can rest. Each PC (who payes the fee) gets access to a small 'lock box' with persistent storeage.

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