Story Arc Overview


Phase 1= Kagadan
PCs have to explore 5 areas and then complete a class based quest. They get the secret of using a gate to travel to New Hope.
Area has all sorts of minor nasties.

Core Story Arc

Phase 2 - New Hope
PCs complete a quest and get the secret of using a gate to travel to Garthurian
NOTES: PCs should arrive in New hope at level 3 and complete this quest at about L7-8)

Here is a Celtic Inspired Quest Outline for this level

Phase 3 - Garthurian
PCs complete a quest and get the secret of using a gate to travel to Syn Gond
NOTES: (PCs should start this phase at about L7-8 and complete it around L11-12)

Here is a possible Greek inspired quest for this level

Phase 4 - Syn Gond
PCs complete a quest and get the secret of using a gate to travel to Gabilgathol
NOTES: (PCs should start this phase at about L11-12 and complete it at around 15-17) We know this area is infested with armies of undead.

Phase 5 - Gabilgathol
PCs complete a quest and get the secret of using a gate to travel to ????
NOTES: We know this area has been at war with Duegar and Drow. (We could make this the duegar strong hold - with support from a few Drow - see phase 9)
Characters should start this phase at around L 15-17 and leave this area at L20 -22)

Expanded Story Arc

Phase 6 An un-inhabited island
NOTE: ??That contains a gate that isn't a temple??? Maybe somewhere on the island that the halflings use for their meetings? Maybe there is a a second gate on this island - and all gate traffic for the higher level quests need to go through this gate. Effectively a second (unconnected) gate system using the same technology. This Phase becomes all about learning and understanding that there is a new gate. Perhaps with riddles? This is the last of the gates inside the storms.

Phase 7
NOTES: How about a dragon or two - transported to an Island inside the winds (or even miles away, as it is only accessibly by portal) dragons lair on the uppermost peaks - PCs either need to negotiate with the dragons or slay them ….

Phase 8
NOTES - For characters in their Low 30s - perhaps this could include Devils or Demons on a different plane in preparation for meeting the Dark Wanderers.

This is the Lord Helgast quest from the 'Old Order'. To gain the next key word the PC must grind the bones of a demon he has slain himself over a special sacrificial lamp burning snake oil. Suitable snake oil only comes from the Giant Comble Snake (what ever that is) and the PC will have to fight his way past various traps and other snakes to kill one. then he will have to transport smake meat back to an arcane shop to get the mage to extract the snake oil. (that should require one or two minor magical ingredients that the PC must collect/provide). Lord Helgast holds the keys to Keys to hell and he will require one or two special items (maybe the services of an enchanted instrument) before he will release the key - then the PC must go an kill a demon to harvest its bones. the oil and the bones must be taken back to the temple where the bones must be ground over the flames. Again the word is revealed as a perfume that fills the air.

Phase 9 - In the lair of the the Dark Wanderers
NOTES: Levels 35-40 - perhaps we tie this in with a visit to the Drow stronghold (rather than meeting small bands of drow) and a few serious undead ….


Phase 10 - End scene
NOTES: This is level 40 and completed the Story Arc

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