Story Arc Phase2

Based heavily on Celtic mythological concepts

Deep within the caverns of Brym Myr lies the Rug of Olwen O’Conner. The rug was woven from the finest thread made from the most noble creatures in the world, sphinx manes from the east, the beards of giants from the north, hair from the great shaggy buffalo of the west and strands of hair from the tails of southern hephalumps.

The threads were spun by maidens of the Tuatha de Dannan, and woven by the Sidhe folk using looms created from magically constructed glass. It was doomed to shine in the light during the life of Olwen but to remain in darkness for ever on his death. It is said that this rug holds the key to the Portals of the Ancients, but the death blood of Olwen stained the rug so badly it cannot be read.

(( Cleaning the rug by hand (or any mundane means) will fail, not can it ever be moved from its current location.))

To find the secret of the rug it must be cleaned by a very special brush. The bristles must be made from spikes torn from the back of the freshly killed manticore known as Ul Gornash. It was Ul Gornash who killed Olwen O’Connor, and Olwen cursed the manticore to eternal guardianship of his special rug, ith his dying breath. He can never die, should he be killed he will automatically be resurrected the following dawn. He has abandoned his guardianship role and lives out his lives in the lower caverns that surround the Brym Myr caverns.

The body of the brush must be made from thrice reburied silver – and the only creature that can detect thrice reburied silver is the lesser spotted quasit. Fortuna Longeye will cast the summoning and binding spell for the price of the spell ingredients plus a magical melee weapon with a +1 enchantment. Taken underground the quasit will sniff out the Thrice Buried Silver, mine a small amount and hand it over to the PC in return for its freedom.

((maybe we give the PC a token to be activated in the mine which summons the Quasit - we script the Quasit to follow the PC - when the PC gets near the randomly located ‘Thrice Buried Silver’ the Quasit runs off to mine it .. etc))

The handle must be from the roots of a great oak tree taken from below ground. Instructions for recognising the roots of the Great Oak from below ground can be found within a special scroll in the temple library.

((We can have an underground complex with roots in the ceiling (Like the one in Kargadan). They appear as normal if the PC hasn’t discovered the quest. If they have discovered the quest, but not seen the scroll - they get an option to harvest a root, but they don’t know which root is which. If the have seen the scroll - they can do a test (cut into the root to see the colour of the wood - trees have white roots, however the root of great oak will turn a light green when spat on))

The brush itself must be assembled by a skilled magical craftsman - who will charge a singnificant fee for the task – using both magical and mundane means. He will only work with the ingredients that he is given - we will not express an opinion on whether the root comes from a great oak or not.

((Lets have an offworld Gnome illusionist / Crafts master living in New Hope.))

The PC must return to the caverns and brush at the mat, where by s/he will get a single glimpse of the key word needed to activate the portal to Garthurian.

Once the word has been glimpsed, the brush will break and all the blood will settle back onto the rug, obscuring the word again. Ingredients can only be used by the person who harvests them. They cannot be traded or sold - they can only be given to the Gnome craftsman.

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