Story Arc Phase3

A Greek Inspired Quest?

Taken from the 12 trials of Hercules …

The King under the mountain is the only person who can pass on the secret keyword for the Ancient portal to open the way past Garthurian, and he has a problem. Once, years ago, he was given some immortal goats by the immortals. The goats could be slaughtered at night and if their bones are left whole they will automatically resurrect themselves in the morning. However, the Goats manage to create such a mess that The King under the Mountain needs to employ 50 sprites to keep the stable-cavern clean. Now, his contract with the demons means he has to give them days off, and it is the PCs job to clean the stables for one day. It is clear that the PC cannot do this alone, and it really isn’t possible for human hand to do it at all.

The only way it can be done is to convince the Huge water elemental who lives I the caves below to divert a stream through the cavern. The water elemental will agree, however in return the character must bring him a golden apple from the underground orchards of the lords of the sunset..

The apples are guarded by auto regenerating trolls and can only be knocked from the trees using arrows fletched with feathers from Stymph Birds. – and even then it takes 12 hits to dislodge one apple. (eating an apple is the equivalent of CSW spell)

Stymph Birds are huge man-eating avians (or basically - anything with feathers that is large has massive hit-points and (possibly) has an area of effect defence.

To succeed the character will have to go kill Stymph birds, Avoid mega trolls, shoot apples from trees, go back to the Giant Water Elemental, who will then divert a stream through the stable caverns. Only then will the PC gain the new Key Word.

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