Syngond Food And Drink

Food and drink

The mushroom is the staple food of Syn Gond. Over the years the gnomes have discovered forests of a huge, nutritious mushroom in the deep caverns. The introduction of shriekers as an early warning system (a few hundred years ago), seems to have deterred some of the more aggressive predators and many of the areas are fairly safe to collect from.

They also collect a type of moss that grows nearer the surface, alone it doesn’t taste good, but it thickens soups and can be used to make an alcoholic beverage.

So - The primary food of the gnomes is a thick, fairly nutritious mushroom soup. Most people get at least one bowl of this a day. (Take the mushrooms, chunk them, add water and boil – mashing the mushrooms as required. For each bucket of mushrooms add a double handful of shredded cavern moss, keep boiling until you have a smooth, light brown soup. Cool slightly and then add one cup of milk per bucket of soup, to give a smoother texture. It has a slightly unusual taste, for those not used to the taste of cavern Moss, but is quite palatable.

This is complemented by small amounts of food grown in their own ‘hidden valley’ or bought I by the hunters. Often the soup will be accompanied by a slice of roast meat (beef or chicken from the valley, venison or rabbit from the hunters). Whne they are in season peas, beans, and various fruits and berries are added to the table - often they are served raw (just washed, and dressed) as a side dish to the meat and soup.

Now this is supplemented by fish imported from Glisten Creek and flour is imported from Lothran (via glisten creek). Other preserved foods are also gain in exchange for the jewellery and fine metal items they make.

The locally brewed hooch is called Moss Ale. Its not really an ale of course, but its made from Cavern Moss (yep, with a few mushrooms thrown in) fermented with honey and berries from Gooseberry bush. It makes thin watery ale, with a ‘subtle’ flavour of the cavern moss perfuming the taste. (As all the best wine critics would say)

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