Syngond Physical Layout

Current Physical Structure
The rock gnomes still live in quarters close to the surface above the living and working areas while the deep gnomes live much lower down, below the communal areas.

The residential areas have been hand carved from the rock and can only be accessed from the communal areas. After all, they didn’t want enemies sneaking directly into the residential areas. From the communal areas there are tunnels leading into the deeper areas where the Deep Gnomes go to mine silver and other metals, while other tunnels lead only to higher chambers in the cavern systems where the rock gnomes search for deposits of gem stones.

Some caverns with a little natural light, have been developed as Mushroom farms, where forests of giant mushrooms grow (protected by shriekers) to provide the staple food for the whole holding. Other caverns are used to grow a special type of moss that is added to mushroom soup to thicken it and provide a little more sustenance.

The common area includes bars, restaurants, shops etc - as well as work shops, armouries and many other facilities.

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