Syngond Socio-Political

Five different clans originally came together to make up the holding of Syn Gond - see the history of Syn Gond

Each Gnome keeps his original clan as part of his name, but has alterered his name to recognise his allegienge to the holding that gave them their continued existence. The five clan names that can be found in the holding are :-

Bolgond (Deep Gnome)
Korgond (Deep Gnome)
Polgond (Rock Gnome)
Sogond (Rock Gnome)
Domgond (Rock Gnome)

Each clan tends to have a speciality within the holding –

Bolgonds tend to be silver miners, they are quite adventurous and most have combat abilities of one type or another. After all, they are out and about in the caverns below the holding and are more likely to have to defend themselves. They also farm the mushroom forests.

Korgonds on the other hand, tend to be home bodies – they are the ones who smelt the silver and metals, and do any temering, weapon crafting, armour crafting etc.. They also tend to procuce more clerics that any other clan.

Polgonds are frequently gem miners, and like the Bolgonds they are often trained to defend themselves. They also care for and harvest the Moss growing caverns.

Sogonds tend to be specialist jewellers, they cut the gems, treat the metals and create marvellous jewellery. They are less likely to be military inclined but magic use (of one type or another) is fairly common in this clan.

Domgonds are the ‘outside’ gnomes. They are the ones who patrol the exterior of the clanhold, hunt game, farm the upper valley and generally collect resources for the clan. Fighters, rangers and rogues are common in this clan.


Syn Gond is run by a high council consisting of the Clander (leader) of each of the five clans, and between them they agree rules, regulations and practices to cover the common areas of the holding. However, the residential areas are all run semi-independently – technically what goes on iside Clan territory is down to that clan and no business of the other clans. In practice there are a few over all rules - for example it is written that no clan shall build an exit from their territory unless it leads to a communal section of Syn Gond (Ie no emergency escape tunnels that provide a back door for enemies) No work/businesses in the Residential areas (Nothing to detract from the strength of Syn Gond) etc etc.

It is also commonly understood that visitors will only be allowed into the communal areas of Syn Gond. To get into the clan holds proper, one has to be very well known indeed!

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