The Dark Wanderers
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Once there was an assassin, a very good assassin, an excellent assassin. He vetted his contracts carefully, made sure he only took contracts that he could complete, and then he completed them in style. Many times his victims died slow painful deaths - often from festering wounds that developed from the smallest nick, but sometimes, if the contract said so, deaths would be quick and painless. It didn’t matter. The gold came in and the assassin became a very rich man. A very, very rich man.

He only took contracts that were interesting, a challenge in one way or another – a difficult kill, extreme pain, or a lingering death. One day he took on one challenge too many. He planned meticulously, he researched his target, information was scarce, his target secretive, but that was common place in his line of work. The time came and he launched his strike, it took days to move close enough, hours to prepare the strike and a split second for it all to go wrong. Arch Assassin Drad Elndra was literally petrified as he struck at Tyrzak Malgovrian.

Eventually a deal was struck and Drad was released to become Tyzak’s prime henchman and servant. A very rich and powerful henchman and servant - but a henchman and servant none the less. And there were certain spells in place that made sure he remained so. Drad shrugged his shoulders, he wanted for nothing he had freedom to work – and Tyrzak set some interesting tasks.

Drad was a depraved man, and he took a soul devouring half-orc cleric for his wife, who was already well versed in the death, destruction and tutored her. Now her methods and depravity are almost a match for Drad’s. While Drad is tied to Tyzak, Ushrika Agrukt is Drad’s woman and will do anything for him and forgive him anything.

On one assignment he was required to destroy a clan of mountain dwarves, and for this task he recruited a depraved female dwarf called Shonet Grimhammer. Between them they infiltrated the clan, destroyed its hearth, its heart and its soul. The remnants of the clan still wander the land, their maimed faces and figures testament to the depravity of the pair, and the folly of crossing Tyrzak Malgovrian.

Grimhammer became a permanent member of the team and is rumoured to be Drad’s lover and to indulge in unholy blood and lust ceremonies lead by Ushrika Agrukt.

The three are bound together by an unholy bond of lust and fear, coupled by a mutual recognition of their own depravity. Drad is the thinker, planner and leader , working out how to complete the tasks that Tyrzaks set, while the two women willingly add to the detail and overall outcome. Drad knows he is bound to Tyrzak, and the women live in almost worshipful awe of the powerful godling / construct.

The fifth and newest member of the team was the result of Agrut’s thinking. For pleasure she crossed a Hell Hound with a Leucrotta,and then managed to cross that with a Slavering Mild Hound. The resulting offspring was a delight to her. The creature, Sylcan, killed its dam within months of birth and then tracked down its sire and ripped its belly out. On a leash one any of the three are strong enough to hold him, but once off the leash the hound runs amok, biting, clawing, killing everything in sight. Friend or foe. It doesn’t care. If its alive and its not one of its masters - it is a target.

While Tyrzak has extended his own life so that he is practically immortal by magic and transformations, that isn’t practical for the others. However, they are important to Tyzak, they make sure he is not disturbed – and they make sure the things he wants to happen – happen. They make his unlife easy. So he has made amulets for each of the three, and their hound as well. Amulets that absorb the years and let hid servants age slowly - he can’t make them immortal - but he can make them stay young. And just as important, each of them know that their amulets power is channelled through Tyrzak. If Tyrzak should die - so will they. It really is in their interests to keep Tyrzak alive and happy.

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