The Old Order

The Old Order

The following are knights of the Old Order. They all come from the armies of the ancient city of golden hope - some originally were from chivalrous families - others were just soldiers - Now they have all earned their spurs as Knights of the Old Order.

  • Lord Fadir – Overlord – He was once a member of the Royal family of Golden Hope and is now the Leader of the Old Order. He resides with the Ancients in their Special place.
  • Sir Fremd – has the honour of being Lord fadir’s personal body guard.

The Garrison at New Hope

  • Lord Kross – He was the oldest child of one of the Noble families of Golden Hope. He is now Lord Fadir’s second in command, and commands the garrison at New Hope
  • Sir Aldin – the oldest of the knights by about 10 years
  • Sir Dyggyr – was once Lord Krosses man servant but proved his worth in battle.
  • Sir Daeli – the easiest of the Old order Knights to talk to.
  • Sir Leitin – is the ugly knight

The Garrison at Garthurian

  • Lord Menni - Originally a member of a chivalrous family (ie Knights) Menni showed himself to be a capable leader and administrator. He was promoted to be a Lord, when Fadir realized that he needed one more commander (This could be because Lord Helgast fell from grace?) …. He was the last to be elevated. He is the garrison commander at Garthurian
  • Sir Hella, has a really high constitution
  • Sir Blodugar, The only soldier to survive the battle of Fallen Birch. Even then he left the battlefield covered in nicks and cuts.
  • Sir Mikill – is both strong and powerful (High Strength and high Constitution)

The Garrison at Syn Gond

  • Lord Afrek – Originally a member of a chivalrous family (ie Knights) Afek proved his worth as a battle leader during the battle of Gremm Sward Pass and was field promoted into the nobility. He now commands the garrison at Syn Gond.
  • Sir Afli, has great strength
  • Sir Buinn, was the first of the knights to be fully equipped in their current armour / uniform
  • Sir Oro – is the least communicative of all the knights and when he does speak he aoften appers to be rude.

The Garrison at Gabilgathol

  • Lord Borinn – The youngest son of one of the Noble families of Golden Hope. (he is actually the youngest of all of the Old order Knights – although that is hardly significant as they are all about 1000 years old!) he commands the garrison at Gabilgathol.
  • Sir Maor, before the war Maor was a banker and one of the most powerful commoners in Golden Hope. He has proved himself in battle many times since.
  • Sir Drif, It has been said many times that destiny of Sir Drif will affect the fate of the Old Order - but no one has yet managed to read his fate.
  • Sir Ligar – is a massively broad mountain of a man - who makes the Dwarves look tiny …


The old order is generally quiet and keeps its own council. They live a simple militaristic, almost monastic, life dedicated to the Ancients and sworn to guard the portals. However they have a strong desire to see men do well on the surface of the islands – and rise again to their former glory.

While guarding the portals is their primary duty they will always try and do things in a way that benefit humanity IF there is no risk to their sworn duty. Fortunately this rise of civilised nations is part of the ‘Grand Plan’ of the ancients - so the Old Order can pursue their interest in humanity without compromising their oath. While they won’t harm any of the other races - it is humanity who gets most of their help.

The knights live an almost monastic life - they live in plainly furnished barrack rooms near to their gate, and tend to prefer simple meals. They have very few hobbies or interests (I suppose that after 1000 years of service they have tried most things and grown bored of them). Instead they eat, sleep train, go about their business in watchful quietness, rarely speaking if they are not spoken to. The only exceptions are the garrison commanders who speak more regularly with leaders of the people who live around their gate.

They are proud to wear their uniform armour and are rarely seen without it. Knights’ armour is fairly plain, while Commanders armour looks the same but with different coloured borders. The Overlords armour is again similar - but with another colour difference to make him stand out. Their arms and armour are always in perfect condition

Some background to the Old Order.

These 20 men are the remnants of the proud armies of the ancient city of Golden Hope, granted long life by the power of the ancients. They are almost immortal - they age slowly and are soul bound to the Ancients. If a member of the Old Order dies he is resurrected almost immediately by the Ancients and he is ready to continue his work almost immediately (after the next server reboot)

Lord Fadir is the leader - he was a member of the Royal House of Golden Hope and was a general of the Army - his great strengths are in organisation and motivation, he is the last remaining Royal General of the army.

His Second in Command is Lord Kross - who was a career soldier from a noble family, who rose to the rank of Junior General in the armies of Golden Hope. He is a brilliant tactician and is the Field Commander of the Old Order.

Lord Borinn a noble who had risen to the rank of Lt Colonel in the Golden Hope armies, Lord Afrek and Lord Menni, who were both promoted from the chivalry) make up the rest of the Order.

Originally Lord Kross was assigned to Garthurian, as the Elves were seen as man’s closest Allies - while Helgast had Gabilgathol, Borinn had Syn Gond and Lord Afrek had command of the old gate at Golden Hope (because it seemed the least important).

When Helgast was seduced from his post –the gate at Gabilgathol seemed the most at risk - so Kross moved to secure that gate, while Borinn moved to Garthurian, Afrek moved to Syn Gond and Menni was promoted to command the garrison at New Hope.

However when Torin started to build the city of new Hope onto the ruins of golden Hope, priorities changed - and new hope became the most important gate. Therefore Kross was moved to new hope and given the largest garrison, Borinn went to Gabilgathol as the Order still did not understand what had caused Helgast’s fall from grace and they decided that Borinn was new most experienced. Conversely, Garthurian now became least important - after all new hope gate was on the same island and the Elves were friendly … so the most junior lord – Lord Menni was assigned to Garthurian - and that’s how the order stand today.

One recent key moment was the Battle of New Hope - When the humanoid armies attacked New Hope, Lord Kross initially left the defence of the city to the men of new hope, but soon decided to deploy his knights in their support. When he sae the battle was still going to the Humanoids, Lord Kross sent for reinforcements and each garrison send two of their knights to help in the battle, while the commander and one knight stayed behind to guard their own portals. Lord Kross ant the head of six more knights of the Old Order, fought their way to the battle front where they found their colleagues supported by the O’Barant company at the Fore of the battle. The shock of those extra knights started to turn the battle, and when the small company ofEelven archers joined in from the cover of some hills, the humanoids finally broke and routed.

The Old Order Quest

Lord Helgast was once the commander of the garrison at Gabilgathol - but he was seduced from his post and made a pact with a demon (or devil etc). Now he lives a life of luxury in a series of distant caverns served by small demons and succubi - who only live for his pleasure. He has been killed many times but always arises from the dead the very next day. He isn’t much of a risk to people or society - but he does know a secret that the PCs need to get. So for a higher level quest PCs need to get a ?word? ? phrase? From Helgast - and have to do a number of tasks along the way. If they kill him before the complete the task - he will drive a harder bargain next time they try. However if they kill him after the bargain has been struck, there is no effect (apart from gaining extra xp for the kill – and perhaps a point or two of alignment change)

Lord Helgast's Memoirs

Borinn, pp. of noble birth, = óðal-borinn;
Ligr, a. immense, huge
Menni, n. an outstanding man;
Orð, n. overbearing word;
Drif, n. pl. destiny, fate (líkligr til stórra afdrifa) ;
Afl, n. (1) physical strength (ramr styrkr, at afli) ;
Maðr, m. powerful man;
Mikill, a. (1) strong; (2) powerful;
Leitinn, a. of odd appearance;
Hella, f. hearth-stone in a forge
Afrek, n. great achievement , deed of prowess
Blóðugr, a. bloody all over;
Búinn, pp. (1) completely equipped
Faðir, m. patriarch;
aldinn, a. old (inn aldni jötunn).
Fremd, f. everlasting honour.
Dyggr. a. faithful;
Dæli, a. very easy to deal with, gentle.
Kross - cross

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