Time Line

-1000 Golden Age for all the races

-983 Delrean strays from the ways of the Wood Elves, he and his followers become the Drow faction of elves in this part of the world

-951 The Great War - War breaks out between the followers of Delrean and the Wood Elves.

-945 The great war spreads to incorporate all of the islands, the Gnomes, Dwarves, Humans and Halflings side with the elves, the humanoids and barbaric creatures with the Drow.

-932 The war starts to turn against the Elves and allied races.

-931 The Ancients arrive and stems the losses with a small army of constructs.

-929 The ancients start to expand their army of constructs

-923 Tyzak and the wanderers appear to lend their support to the Drow

-916 By this time Tyzak has taken command of the Drow and associated forces – and the Ancients are the leaders of the ‘civilised faction’. Battles are common but fairly predictable - a sort of stalemate takes over.

-820 Tyzak works out how to control of the Ancients Constructs. The tide of battle turns

-817 The final battle of the great war - Tyzak and his armies push trough to destroy the armies of the civilised factions and sack the town of ‘Golden Hope’

-816 The Elves retreat into a small enclave to save what they can of their population and culture, the Dwarves and the Gnomes go underground and the Halflings disperse. The humans without a city of their own follow set up small camps all around the islands, trying to survive as best they can.

-815 Some of the ancients scatter with the Halflings, although the strongest manage to escape to a small enclave of their own along with the leaders of the City of Golden Hope. These Human leaders form themselves into a group known as the Old Order, dedicated to preserving and supporting the ancients, in the hope of winning their lands back.

-815 The Ancients use all of their power to isolate the islands from the outside world, setting up areas of wind control and illusion that guide ships past the area with out realising. Other winds drive all ships from the islands back onshore, making ship use impossible **- however small boats staying close to shore, remain usable.

-815 With the Ancients now either eradicated, scattered, or retreated back to their orginal plane of exisetence, Tyrzak realizes that the key to expanding his power beyond the mainland is to gain mastery of the portals.

-814 With the Dark Wanderers now fully enthralled with the secrets to the ancient portals the lands are overrun by Orcs, Lizardkind, Undead and other foul creatures. As is in their nature, these beings being to fight among themselves. Ushrika maintains control of the Undead legions, but the Orcs, Lizardkind and the others break off on their own ambitions.

-812 With the humaniods basically leaderless, the races of humans, elves, dwarves, and gnomes begin to hold their ground maintaining control of small portions of the islands. Scattered and weakened from years of war there is no ability or willingness to mount any type of organized offensive against the humaniod races.

-810 The Gnomes and the Dwarves are still engaged in underdark skirmishes against the drow and their allies.

-800 Status quo established - raids between tribes and against small settlements. Skirmishes through the underdark, new large settlements destroyed on sight ….

-750 Ancient portal rooms start turning into places of worship - and become temples to the Local Gods (or the ancients which ever you prefer)

Stalemate Continues

-75 With the assistance of some of the Older Order and out of fear of further humaniod attacks against their people a number of local, ambitous people around the ancient city begin to rally and organizethe humans within the once great walls of Golden Hope. The restoration of "New Hope" has begun.

-68 The humaniods mount a massive offensive against the people of New Hope during the reconstruction. Fearing defeat for new hope, members of the Old Order rally from around the world to aid them. A Long Bow armed trading delegation from the elves of Garthurian offset the the advantage of humaniod numbers and the combined forces drive back the humaniods.

-67 With fear of additional attacks the leaders of New Hope and Garthurain establish a working trading relationship and promise each other that they will aid whichever party comes under attack from the humaniods.

-45 The Ancients in an attempt to distract Tyzak from his research into the portal technology decide to raise an army. The purpose is multifold. By strengthening the human forces they hope that the humanoids will call on Tyzak for aid and distract him. Secondly, they hope the strongest heros will go on to challenge Tyzak and his minions directly and thirdly - as the portals are in the temples to the 'Local Gods' It should increase the number of worshipers and thuse strengthen their powers.

Setting up on one of the smaller islands(Kargadan), they create a series of ongoing storms that surround the island. These storms are specifically designed to force people from the outside to wreak on the island. On the island the Ancients create several dungeons designed to hone particular skills to introduce the shipwrecked to the enemy - The Wanders. The island is constructed to be a "forge" for their new army. Those who succeed are sent to New Hope where they begin the second stage of their fate.

-40 Lothran established

-31 Glisten Creek established.

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