To Do List


  • Hermit conversation - Just need to finish the last few lines after the PCs final task
  • Journal Entires - Only secondary quests and a Master Quest to jump PCs to the proper Area(NewHope or Kargadan) when they log on after a server reset(PC Location is in with HCR, just want to back it up)
  • All secondary quests/conversations
  • Quartermaster quests only partially completed(collection of mushrooms, berries and reeds need to be finished)


  • Akora Caves

Need a unqiue drop of Gemli's axe possibly by the chief. Secondary Quest - Gemli's Axe quest.

  • *Raider Caves

Need a unique drop of an item for Rahnee by one of the raider clerics. Secondary Quest - Rahnee's Quest

Scripting Notes

  • Need a Treasure system for Unique treasure drops
  • Need a reset area script for everything to reset after PCs leave area for a time

Additional Fixes Needed

- The script that destroys the rocks in the Bandit caves needs to be fixed
- Need starting Cutscene??
- Need to check the strip players on enter script

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