Trade And Trade Routes

New Hope

Major Exports: Leather goods - Minor: metal items, Salted Fish, Dried Meat
Seaborne Trade: Glisten Creek (Dried Meat, Leather goods, metal, weapons), Lothran (leather goods, dried meat)
Overland Trade: Garthurian (metal, salt fish)
Portal Trade: Syn Gond, Gabigathol, Garthurian

Glisten Creek

Major Exports: Glass, Pottery - Minor: fish
Seaborne Trade: New Hope (Glass, Pottery), Lothran (Glass, Pottery)
Overland Trade: Syn Gond (Fish, glass, pottery)


Major Exports: Ships, Cotton - Minor: Food, Wood,
Seaborne Trade: New Hope (Cotton, fishing ships), Glisten Creek (Cotton Fishing ships)
Overland Trade: Gabigathol (Cotton, food, wood)


Major Exports: - Minor: Wine, Silk, Wood, other 'natural' items.
Overland Trade: New Hope (Wine, silk, 'special' woods)
Portal Trade: Syn Gond, Gabigathol, New Hope (Silk to all areas)

Syn Gond

Major Exports: Gems, Jewellery. Silver - Minor: Moss Ale
Overland Trade: Glisten Creek (Moss ale, Gems and silver) Moss ale to the wider world via this port.
Portal Trade: Garthurian, Gabigathol, New Hope ( to all Gems and silver)


Major Exports: Fine weapons, Fine metal work, Iron - Minor: Mushroom Ale, Gold.
Overland Trade: Lothran (Iron) and shipping weapons to other areas
Portal Trade: Garthurian, Syn Gond, New Hope (Gold and gold items to all items)


Major Exports: Fish, News, Entertainment
Everywhere and anywhere near the coast

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