Different types of travel and how they fit together


The main method of over land travel - cargoes are limited to what can be carried. It would be worth looking at the concept of Ox caravans (or something similar) to enhance trade between the inland settlements (Dwarves and Gnomes) and the coast.


There really aren't any sophisticated shipwrights on the islands - all the ships that have been built todate have been of a fairly basic design and have proved themselves incapable of passing safeley through the storms. Sometimes they are driven back ashore and wrecked on the coast - other times they sink at sea - and only the debris is washed ashore. Even worse, strange winds spring up around the islands, which appear to drive ships toward trhe storms. get caught in one of those and you are almost certainly a gonner.

In other words - Only the very strongest of small ships are a viable option in these islands. ie fishing Ships that stay insore can survive.


Smallish boats, on the other hand, are viable as a means of transport - Often with a sail, but small enough to be rowed/paddled out of danger is a 'wrong wind' brews up. They also have a shallow draft and can pull right up onto the the Elvin beaches or along Glisten Creek without any problems.


Strange magical devices that permit very fast but limited travel. There are portals in each of the main settlements - BUT there is a secret to their use. To gain access to the portals a character MUST complete a quest to learn the secret of the next portal in the chain. PCs can only travell between portals that they know the secret of. (No one can ever travel TO the portal in Kagadan - because no ones knows the secret command word to select it)

Travel Overview

By using the portals characters can progress along the story arc- and can go back to areas thay have been before (IE they can return to their 'home' in New Hope at the end of an adventuring session) However thay cannot get to new quest areas easily until they have completed the appropriate story arc quest.

Characters can travel to areas that they aren't ready for yet by canoe. We need to make sure that the canoes land in a safe place, but that outside that enclave the general encouters are such that they scare the character back into the enclave and then back home again quickly. In other words - you can go where ever you like - so long as you are man enough :P Canoe travel also needs to be 'longer', more expensive and less comfortable than canoe travel.

Social Overview

every one knows about the portals - and everyone knows that they become progressively more difficult and everyone knows that most people can't complete the 'Test of the Portals'. That lets us have a scaled population - low level NPCs in new Hope (They can't complete the portal quest to move on) while the general level of NPCs increases as one moves up the Portal chain. There will still be low level NPCs in the other villages and settlements - but they will be working inside the walls rather than outside :P

That means we could give social status as a reward to those characters who progress along the portal chain.


I think that could give us a fairly well balanced system that keeps basic elements of the travel, economic and social systems 'in step' with each other - and that will provide a solid basis to build up a consistent, immersive RP environment.

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