Tyrzak The God
becoming-darker.jpgTyrzak, The God

When they first came to the islands the dark wanderers worked alongside the leaders of the various factions, but it wasn’t long before they started to take over, Drad, the Dark Elf assassin soon had control of the Drow and Shonet took control of the Duegar - while Ushrika and the beast were left to terrorise the humanoids above ground. However, none of the three principles wanted to actually spend too much time with their charges - they just wanted them top do as they were told.

So Drad came up with a plan - and a plan that certainly met the approval of Tyrzak himself. Tyrzak was seeking ways to make himself powerful and immortal - so Drad decided to make him a god – literally. While Tyrzak researched the portals of the ancients, in the expectation of gaining unlimited “teleport with out error abilities”, and being able to invade the homeland of the ancients – Drad set about starting a cult to worship Tyrzak as a demi-god.

Using Ushrika’s knowledge of prayer, he devised some very basic rituals that gave minor priestly powers, and then started teaching them to the humanoids. For the Drow, he pitched Tyrzak as one who complemented Lolth and supported her, without challenging her superiority, and then he took similar lines with the various other tribes. Before long each of the tribes had small shrines to Tyrzak, each of which featured the wanderers as primary agents and servants of this new god. The rituals devised by Ushrika and the infrequent visits from the almost supernaturally powerful ‘servants’ served to keep the tribes in line. (How would you feel if you were visited by those three, with the beats and a few un-dead in tow?) Especially when any step out of line meant the ‘wayward’ leader disappeared - only to be returned months later a gibbering wreck, crippled with disfigurements that made him almost un-identifiable.

Slowly the cult of Tyrzak gained support and credence. Now it almost stands alone - the shamans from the tribes mete out punishment to wayward leaders and the ‘Three’ hardly need to get involved at all. Indeed, there are even sacrifices to Tyrzak, if the tribes have a captive, so much the better, if not one of the tribe will be sacrificed to Tyrzak and his minions. And the ‘Three’ have a great time playing with any sacrifices that are offered top them. Indeed they often return the sacrifice a few months later, just to show how much s/he was appreciated. Indeed, nowadays, the three have almost stopped driving the tribes onward - they make sure there is unrest, and they ‘arrange’ the occasional big push - but generally they are happy to play with their ‘sacrificial offerings’ – and truth be told they, they vie with each other for who can find the most ‘interesting’ experiment to play on each new offering.

Tyrzak is happy though - he can feel his god-hood almost in grasp - he knows that real immortality is coming - he knows that soon (maybe as soon as in the next few hundred years) he WILL be a god and will truly rule these islands

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