World Overview

The population of this island chain is split along racial lines. Many years ago the humanoids rose up and the Dwarves, Gnomes and Elves were driven back into their most secure sanctuaries. The Dwarves and the Gnomes finished up living underground in small fortified mines, while the elves were driven deep into the woodlands. The Humans and the Halflings on the other hand, were scattered across the islands, with the humans settling in a number of very small and heavily fortified villages.

However the Halflings had never had a major settlement of their own and quickly converted to a nomadic Gypsy-like lifestyle, living on small boats and travelling between the islands.

For the centuries that are known as ‘The Dark Ages’ the Humanoids rules supreme and the only contact between the various settlements was carried out by either the Halfling travellers or a small militant sect based in strange temples known as ‘The Halls of the Ancients’.

Now Humans have come together again and the humanoids seem to be on the defensive. The city of New Hope is rising from the ruins of the old city of Golden Hope, new settlements have been established at Glisten Creek and Lothran and the humans have started trading between the islands in fishing boats, which are small enough to avoid the mystical storms that rage around the islands.

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